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Security assistance is available 24 hours a day by contacting 732-544-6149 or by visiting Security Dispatch located next to the Customer Service Center.

Additional assistance available by visiting the Monmouth Mall Management Office weekdays between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM or by calling 732-542-0334.

What can Mall Security do for you?
  Monmouth Mall’s security team is committed to making your shopping experience the best it can be. Contact the security staff for assistance with:

Vehicle jumpstarts
Locating a lost person or vehicle
Escorts to/from your vehicle
Lost & Found
Medical emergencies


Monmouth Mall Code of Conduct
  Click here for Code of Conduct.


Suggested Safety Tips
Shop with friends or relatives if possible.... there is safety in numbers.
Lock your purchases in the trunk of your car.
Never leave packages, or expensive items such as GPS devices, iPods, laptops, etc. on the back seat or in a visible location.
Carry your most expensive purchases closest to your body.
Carrying too many packages at one time will make you an easy target. Have packages delivered to your home when possible.
Remember to retrieve your credit cards after making purchases.
Be alert in crowded places. Pickpockets' favorite places are revolving doors, crowded stores, elevators, public transportation and bus stops at rush hour.
Thieves often work in pairs: one will bump into you while the other picks your pocket or purse.
Use caution when using ATM machines. Always consider the time of day and location. Never exit with cash in your hands from the ATM.
If strangers are near your vehicle, return to the mall for assistance.
Have your keys out and be prepared to unlock your vehicle. Look inside your vehicle before entering it to be sure no one is hiding in the front or back seat.
If you are sitting in your car and somebody suspiciously approaches, drive away.
Lock your doors and windows when you get in and keep them locked.


Friday, February 12
Free Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping
Saturday, February 13
(CANCELLED) PERFORMANCE: CBA/Pegasus Production Company
Sunday, February 14
Year Of The Monkey Celebration
Monday, February 15
Shopkins Trading Party at Claires
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