BBP - January Burger & Shake of the Month

Burger of the Month: CANADIAN BURGER

To create January's Burger of the Month, Bobby Flay went international. The Canadian Burger, with crisped Canadian bacon, white cheddar cheese, and maple-mustard sauce, pays tribute to the flavors of our neighbor up north. This burger knows no borders.


Shake of the Month: BANANA NUTELLA SHAKE

The story is simple. Bobby doesn’t go a day in Paris without a Banana Nutella Crepe. In fact, when you get there, everyone is walking with one. Eating it on those streets is one of the most heavenly experiences one can have while chewing. When the Nutella hits the crepe, it's literally a hot mess. But who cares? It's Nutella. It’s banana. And it’s delicious. The Banana Nutella Shake, you already know you love it.


Both available through January 31